Button Making 2018!

Button making photos

In 2018, the Library is expanding our Maker Space activities! Our “art cart” offers supplies like glue, paper, scissors, markers, etc., and we also have a crate of Legos, coloring pages, and a set of “Keva” wood planks. We have done lunchtime sessions with Bloxels and Snapcircuits. Our button maker is being put to good use by both the Library and other departments; we had a lunch session with the middle schoolers today and were impressed with their creativity! We also have our green screen in the library lab; see a sample video of what classes can do with it, and we've added a stop-motion video app to one of our iPads. For more pictures of middle school button making in 2017 (we were so busy making buttons today we didn't have time to take pictures!), check out Vidigami.