Fitness Center Open to US Students

fitness center

It’s no secret that as the days get shorter and the weather colder that our energy drops.

Setting up a workout routine can fix that. Now is the perfect opportunity for our Upper School students to check out Overlake’s fitness center and new trainer Jeremy Whalen.

He is available every day after school to work with our student athletes as they prepare for a winter or spring sport. “I’m seeing a lot of lacrosse, basketball, and baseball players,” says Whalen. “It’s the perfect time to do some circuit conditioning, and I’m a big fan of the medicine balls. The kids get amazing motion results with them.”

Overlake’s fitness center isn’t just for the student athlete. Whalen invites any Upper School student to drop by after school. He’s available for consultations and will work with students to help them achieve their fitness goals. “I love when new people come in and hope that they can get enough information and experience with our equipment so that they’re not intimidated by it,” explains Whalen. “If they leave feeling good, it sets them up with healthy routines later in life.”

Overlake’s fitness center opens at 3:30 and closes at 5:30pm.