Coming Soon: Middle School Bookfair!

Students at bookfair

Coming October 22-23, it's the annual Middle School Bookfair!

The Bookfair takes place in the Board Room in the Campus Center. All Middle School students attend with their English class, and may also come during lunch, and after school on Monday. Upper Schoolers are welcome also.

Books are provided by Third Place Books Books, with help from student suggestions. Students buy books using their student accounts; no cash or checks. We always tell students they should check with parents before buying any books--purchasing a book is never required! Profits go towards purchasing books and supplies for the school in Uruguay that some Overlake students visit during Project Week.

Many thanks to the parents who have already signed up to help! If you would like to see if more spots are available, please check here on Sign Up Genius. Many, many thanks to Anne Marie Brandes for coordinating volunteers!