Accessing Schedules & Textbooks for 2018-19

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Course schedules for the 2018-19 school year are now available, as well as links to order textbooks and course materials online. For students in grades 5 and 6, all books will be provided to you and charged as part of the textbooks rental program -- so no need to do anything.  For students in grades 7-12, books and course materials can be ordered through our Follett online bookstore.  If any item is out of stock on the Follett site, you can use the ISBN number to find it on Amazon or other sources. 

To view your schedule and textbook list: 

  • Go to the schedule page at  If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so with your Owl-ID (your school-issued username and password). 
  • If you have multiple students, each student's schedule and a link to textbooks will be displayed. *If your student is in grade 5 or 6, please see the note below.  
  • Click on the orange "ORDER BOOKS" button below the schedule(s) to be taken directly to the Follett online bookstore and the books needed for your classes.  
    *Please note that the Follett bookstore links don't currently work on mobile devices. Follett is working on this and hopes to have it fixed soon.
  • Order textbooks through Follett or use the ISBN information to order from another source. 
  • Follett offers new and used book options, as well as rentals and digital editions on many titles.  They accept returns on books purchased or rented through the website for 30 days from your order date, or 30 days from the start of classes, whichever is later.  Follett’s customer service team is available at 888-382-3383. 
  • If you order through Follett in the next four days, use the code TEXT10 at checkout to save 10% on all used and rental books. 

Please read carefully any notes that are posted in your textbook list, as some materials have detailed ordering instructions, and purchase your books before the first day of school. If you have any questions about book-buying, please contact the MS/US Coordinator, Jacqui Jackson at or 425-868-6191 x635. 

If you have questions about your schedule, please contact the Registrar, Alisa Steinhilber, at or 425-868-6191 x638.   
*A note about grades 5 and 6:  
Student schedules that are displayed on will not reflect the actual daily schedule for these students. Daily schedules will be available from the 5th and 6th grade teachers in the fall. For students in grades 5 and 6, all books will be provided to you and charged as part of the textbooks rental program -- so no need to do anything. 

From the Registrar: 
Every attempt was made to give you your first choices. In some cases you may have been given second or third choices in the electives if there were conflicts with the academics, or if those elective classes were full with upperclassman who have priority.  You should be taking at least 6 classes per semester. If your schedule reflects only 5 for either semester, you should plan on picking up another class. This most often happens when an insufficient number of alternate choices were given to assist me in completing the schedule or because of other scheduling conflicts.  

Seniors - You may opt to take 5 classes if all graduation requirements and credits are accounted for. If you have only 4 classes in either semester, please see me about picking up another course. A partial schedule is due to an insufficient number of alternate choices given or other scheduling conflicts. Seniors are also required to take at least 4 academic classes per semester. If you have fewer than 4 academics on your schedule, please see me about picking up another one.