Hey Good Lookin' . . . What's Cookin'?

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Kathy Finkenstadt
Nancy Iff

Cooking is a wonderfully creative and satisfying experience made all the more fulfilling when you share it with your family and friends.  However, the act of selecting recipes, shopping for ingredients, sticking to a budget, preparing dishes, and then serving a complete meal can be difficult to orchestrate.  This project week is designed to introduce you to the art of cooking.  Beginning with an introduction to some key skills every cook needs to be successful, this project will engage you in the exploration of the world of food through a variety of recipe books and cooking techniques in addition to shopping at local markets. 

Clearly much of the week will be spent in the kitchen.  But, as any cook trying to entertain group of friends knows, putting together a whole meal involves a lot more than just the act of cooking or baking.  In addition to the actual food preparation, you will be involved in making decisions about the source of the food you want to cook, the nutritional value of the meal you want to prepare and the cost of the meal.  We will also discuss sustainability, how to minimize food waste, and participate in Operation Sack Lunch.  Beyond the work we will be doing on campus you will may find yourselves in a one-day cooking class at a local venue, navigating through Seattle’s varied markets to find the perfect ingredient, or working with other students in the project to put together the perfect feast.   So grab your recipe books, Ginsu knives and prepare for a flavorful week.

Special Considerations

In addition to the cost of the project, students will be required to purchase a kitchen knife and cutting board to use for the week which they will keep after the project culminates.

Project Week Timeline (2019-20)

  • November 9 - Catalog Published
  • November 20 - Independent Proposals Due
  • November 10-20 - Student Selection Period
  • December 20 - Student Placement Published
  • January 24 (9:05 – 9:45 am) and March 13 (9-9:30 am) - Project Week Group Meetings
  • March 30 - April 3 - Project Week


Joey Pauley
Project Week Director

425-868-6191 x816