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Showing off our projects
Susan Essex
Janet Jones

In this project, you will learn to sew step by step while you create wonderful items on your new sewing machine, which you will learn to operate on the project and then take home with you to keep.  From day one you’ll be working on projects to include a pillowcase, a great laptop bag, flannel pajama pants, and other fun projects! Each student will have the opportunity to use their creativity in picking out fabrics and accents for their projects.  As the week progresses, so will your skills, and you may have the opportunity to create an additional project for a family member or friend, as well as to learn about environmentalism and social justice through sewing.  The cost of this project includes patterns and materials for all of the projects and sewing machine so that students will be able to continue their adventure with sewing long after our project is complete. 

We encourage all genders to apply, because sewing is a life skill that everyone can use!  Each participant will need a great attitude, a willingness to learn wonderful new skills, patience, and a helping attitude as we’ll all be helpers during this project.  Each participant will need to work diligently throughout the week and not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.  We will have an additional outing the week before project week to purchase our fabrics and materials for our projects.

Special Considerations

Students will be asked to provide some sewing tools such as pins, needles, a measuring tape, and scissors.

Project Week Timeline (2019-20)

  • November 9 - Catalog Published
  • November 20 - Independent Proposals Due
  • November 10-20 - Student Selection Period
  • December 20 - Student Placement Published
  • January 24 (9:05 – 9:45 am) and March 13 (9-9:30 am) - Project Week Group Meetings
  • March 30 - April 3 - Project Week


Joey Pauley
Project Week Director
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