MyOverlake 2.0 is Launching

The new MyOverlake 2.0 with customizable dashboard

With the New Year come new features to MyOverlake. MyOverlake is our school’s resource page for families to access school-wide information. However, not all of that information is important to every person, so now when you log in using your school Owl-ID, you’ll be able to customize what you see on your MyOverlake page.

The page is now broken into two sections. On the top half, users can access static information, such as school hours, emergency, and contact information. Check back here for short-term and featured content like school plays and sign-ups.

The upper part of the screen. Permanent blocks in MyOverlake

On the lower half of the page, there is now a customizable dashboard where each user can decide what information to display.

The lower part of the screen. Customizable MyOverlake Dashboard

To customize your dashboard, click the x to hide blocks you don’t want to see.

Click the x to hide blocks

Once you’ve hidden a block, it will be listed in the dropdown in the upper corner of the dashboard. Clicking on a block’s name in that list will make it reappear.

Click the name of the block you want to show in the drop down menu

For blocks you don’t want to forget, but whose content you don’t need to see all the time, you can click the arrow to collapse them.

Click the arrow to collapse blocks

You can also change the order in which your blocks appear by simply grabbing and moving them.

Click and drag to reorder blocks

We hope this new dashboard system helps you tailor the information you receive from The Overlake School to your needs, and we welcome your feedback. Happy 2019!