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April 5, 2013

Dear Overlake Community,

Updates and Reminders

January 11, 2013

Happy New Year and I hope the year has started out well for you. I want to update you about several things and remind you of some upcoming dates.


December 21, 2012

A couple weeks ago my family and I attended a recital by my sons’ cello teacher. During the recital she played an impressive program, featuring pieces by Bach, Breval, Chopin and Prokofiev. I don’t know very much about classical music and so after the concert, I looked up the pieces. One critic described the Bach cello suite our teacher played as something a cellist could spend a lifetime refining. That is precisely the approach our teacher takes with her playing. Throughout her recital, I was struck by the joy and enthusiasm she brought to each piece.

Unsafe driving on campus endangers students

November 30, 2012

While on campus we ask that you obey the following rules as we want to ensure a safe school for everyone here on campus:

Challenges Lead to Growth

November 30, 2012

Several years ago I took a group of high school boys on an Outward Bound trip in the Smokey Mountains, outside of Ashville, North Carolina. For six days we hiked, rock climbed, and backpacked. The days were long, the physical demands were significant, and the constant interaction with each other was extensive. What’s also crucial to underscore is that most of the students were city kids who had never ventured into the woods. At the start of the trip, one boy revealed that the most nature he had experienced was walking through Central Park.