Athletics Hall of Fame

May 23, 2013

2015 Hall of Famers (not pictured- Hilary Pentz)

The Overlake School Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 2007, seeking to preserve, recognize, and honor the outstanding athletes, teams, and coaches who have been part of our athletic success.  Awards are given every other year.

In September, four tremendous athletes were honored for their achievements: Ashley Fisk ’02, Beckley Mason '04, Hilary Pentz ’02 and Jamie Weaver ’02.

Since 1967, Overlake has had a strong tradition of athletics excellence.  Many individuals, teams, and coaches have made exemplary accomplishments in the athletics arena, and it is the Hall of Fame's intent to honor the rich heritage and tradition of athletics achievements.  These individuals and teams are worthy of the recognition, as they are forever role models for our current student athletes. The Overlake Athletics Hall of Fame is a partnership of the Athletics Department and Alumni Department, with records kept in the Alumni Office.

2015 Inductees

  • Ashley Fisk '02
  • Beckley Mason '04
  • Hilary Pentz '02
  • Jamie Weaver '02

Former Inductees

  • Michael Ko '76
  • Christi Clark '86
  • 1993 Boys Soccer Team
  • Jeanne Michel von Arx '76
  • Justin Wadsworth '86
  • Sage Tweedie-Yates '99
  • Stephanie Wei '01
  • 1999 Girls Lacrosse Team