Whitman College musicians perform at Overlake

Whitman College musicians perform at Overlake

February 3, 2017

On Thursday, Overlake hosted Whitman College’s Wind Ensemble and Chamber Singers who performed for students.

The group is on tour this week with performances at other high schools in our region.

One of the faces in the chamber singers group is a familiar one to many at Overlake. Nate Olson ’13 has performed dozens of times here as an Overlake theater and choir student. He says it was strange to be back on the Fulton stage. “This place has definitely prepared me for my success at Whitman. Overlake fostered that sense of independence for me, and it’s so great to be back and share with our community,” says Olson.

The first part of the program included music performances by Whitman’s musicians and singers, but it was the last part that got everyone in the groove. Choir Director Riika Pietilainen-Caffrey invited Overlake students to join her choir on stage and sing a South African melody “Bahleli Bonke”.

It was a fun and memorable experience for all our students and faculty.