Free Running and Urban Obstacles (Formerly Parkour)

Omar Jimenez

Get ready for a physical you want to overcome obstacles? Parkour involves using your own body to creatively move through space to reach, climb, jump and balance.

What is Parkour? From Parkour Visions Website

Parkour Visions is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the positive benefits of parkour through teaching, design, and advocacy. We believe that everyone can enjoy parkour, and we offer over 50 classes a week for humans ages 3 and up.

For inquiries about our organization, or for information about special programs like workshops and gym rental, email

"The essence of Parkour can be stated simply: it is the art of overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only your body. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing, and we build on these fundamentals to improve our ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with more complex movements. Parkour is a system of fitness training that improves strength, speed, agility, co-ordination, stamina, endurance, and precision. It offers a full-body workout at any level of experience, and improves your ability to move, to harness your confidence, to change how you see the world. Parkour practitioners are called traceurs."

Special Considerations

Each student will need to bring a journal for their daily reflections.

Each student will need to bring a lunch for each day. 

Here is some information about safety from Eric, Parkour Visions Operations Manager:
A quick scan of our injury report's got us at an injury rate of about 2.3 injuries per thousand hours of exposure. For comparison, your average climbing gym rate is about 3 injuries per thousand hours, typical kids' soccer and ultimate frisbee is around 7, kids' football can be anywhere from 10-15. These are average numbers across very wide populations... rates vary quite a lot depending on the program. I recommend that anyone concerned look at injury rates in Overlake's sports for comparison.

Participants must be willing to follow COVID guidelines.  If a participant, experiences any overlapping CDC symptoms of COVID during the project, the student will be isolated, and the student’s family will be required to pick up at their current location.  The family will bear all the costs associated with student pick-up. CDC's possible symptoms of COVID can be found here.

By selecting the above project(s,) you and your family are accepting the financial responsibility for the cost of the projects.  This includes any unrecoverable expenses incurred if Overlake, or any federal, state or local government forces cancelation of the project, or if you or your family decide not to attend, or your student becomes symptomatic and has to be isolated. 

Project Week (2022-23)

Mar 27, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023


Chrissy Wakeling
Assistant Director of Experiential Education