Rube Goldberg 3D Installation

Allison Gilman
Caroline Balitzer

Students will learn about Rube Goldberg an engineer artist tinkerer who always was trying to invent a better "mousetrap". The idea behind this project is for students to use their vivid imaginations and come up with a way to move one object to another or to cause an object to do something by a series of events.  As a member of the arts here at school, we are always trying to see how we can incorporate more art into our community.  By giving students time to devote to one big project allows them to combine disciplinarians into one group project.  This project will have students working as individuals as well as a group: showing leadership, art skills, innovation, physics, math, and the most importantly, imagination. They will invent as a group what the project's end result will be; while coming up with their own ideas for their individual section. This whole puzzle will be done by, drawing and illustrating some portions, and actually making other stations and parts of the puzzle. the end result will be installed on campus so the community can interact and see the results.  

Special Considerations

Participants must be willing to follow COVID guidelines.  If a participant, experiences any overlapping CDC symptoms of COVID during the project, the student will be isolated, and the student’s family will be required to pick up at their current location.  The family will bear all the costs associated with student pick-up. CDC's possible symptoms of COVID can be found here.

By selecting the above project(s,) you and your family are accepting the financial responsibility for the cost of the projects.  This includes any unrecoverable expenses incurred if Overlake, or any federal, state or local government forces cancelation of the project, or if you or your family decide not to attend, or your student becomes symptomatic and has to be isolated. 

Project Week (2022-23)

Mar 27, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023


Chrissy Wakeling
Assistant Director of Experiential Education