Dance, Music, and Cultural Connections


This project explores dances from a variety of cultures. We will explore Hip Hop, Swing/Ballroom, Line Dancing, Samba and contemporary as well as traditional Afro-Caribbean and African Dances. We will work with several guest artists, studying dance and other movement forms while considering their origins and cultural impact. This project also involves some research and watching online examples of each form we will learn over the week. Learning about the music that supports each dance form is also part of our exploration. 

Special Considerations

Students are expected to participate fully in each dance class, in our research, and in learning about music. Be brave and step outside your comfort zone! We will support each other as we explore dance, music, and culture! 

Participants must be willing to follow COVID guidelines.  Participants should only attend illness free. If a participant should test positive for COVID during the project, the student will be isolated, and the student’s family will be required to pick them up at their current location.  The family will bear all the costs associated with the student pick up. 

By selecting the above project, you and your family are accepting the financial responsibility for the cost of the projects.  This includes any unrecoverable expenses incurred if Overlake, or any federal, state or local government forces cancelation of the project, or if you or your family decide not to attend, or if your student becomes symptomatic and has to be isolated. 

Project Week (2022-23)

Mar 27, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023


Chrissy Wakeling
Assistant Director of Experiential Education