Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

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Zheyi Chen

Nowadays, the world is powered by data. Whether you are innovating for the future or working to improve the decision-making process, data lies at the heart of it all. Making sense of data, the job of Data Scientist, is “The top-demanded job of the 21st century”. One of the must-have skills for a data scientist is exploratory data analysis (EDA). It is the process of performing initial investigations on data with the help of summary statistics and graphical representations. The project is designed to help student develop basic EDA skill such that given a new data, they can discover patterns, spot anomalies and test hypothesis. We will focus on developing practical skill. Starting from small, tailored, curated “Iris” data sets. First, students will be asked to brainstorm how to describe and visualize the dataset based on their knowledge. Once they get familiar with the dataset, they will be introduced some basic statistics, such as mean, median and standard deviation to help summarize the characteristics of the data. Secondly, they will learn how to effectively clean and visualize the dataset using various libraries (matplotlib, pandas, seaborn, and ggplot etc.), and compare the results with their previous discoveries. Finally, they will apply the learning to perform EDA on a famous dataset -Titanic dataset. Learn More Download this PDF


Special Considerations

Participants must be willing to follow COVID guidelines.  If a participant, experiences any overlapping CDC symptoms of COVID during the project, the student will be isolated, and the student’s family will be required to pick up at their current location.  The family will bear all the costs associated with student pick-up. CDC's possible symptoms of COVID can be found here.

By selecting the above project(s,) you and your family are accepting the financial responsibility for the cost of the projects.  This includes any unrecoverable expenses incurred if Overlake, or any federal, state or local government forces cancelation of the project, or if you or your family decide not to attend, or your student becomes symptomatic and has to be isolated. 

Project Week (2022-23)

Mar 27, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023


Chrissy Wakeling
Assistant Director of Experiential Education