Plan Your Own Trip

Earn US Outdoor Trip Credit During COVID

During these COVID times, while Overlake is in a virtual mode, US students can receive Outdoor Education graduation requirement credit by organizing and leading outdoor trips for their immediate family and others living in their household. Email Kent Renno for details.


Before the Trip

  • Meet with Kent Renno to discuss plans/options
  • Research outdoor destinations and/or activities, get route details, maps, etc.
  • Set goals for the trip, both for you and for the group
  • Develop a Trip Plan
    • Schedule
    • Distance to drive/hike/travel
    • Campsite locations 
    • Activity time based on participants, activity, terrain, etc.
    • Possible problems
  • Develop a gear list
    • First aid
    • Clothing
    • Food
    • Water treatment, if needed
    • Shopping lists
  • Obtain needed passes or permits
  • Create an Emergency Response Plan and a Risk Assessment

During the Trip

  • Students will be the lead for the outdoor activity
  • Document the trip with photos or video

After the Trip

  • Fill out a post-trip report
  • Meet with Kent Renno for a post-trip debrief


Kent Renno
Experiential Education Department Chair 
& Interim Director of Service Learning
425-495-2922 cell